OVERNIGHT Scheduling (limited availability)

Our Sitters stay in your home and love on your pets while you are gone. They are very courteous of your home and your belongings. They would like to be aware of any security cameras you have in the home and where they are. They are very self-conscious of walking around the house in their bedtime clothes with people watching. Please indicate where the cameras are and if they are on 24/7. We understand the need for cameras and want to help you and our sitters feel comfortable while you are gone.

Another important piece of information is to let us know of anyone that might be coming into the home while you are gone. Our sitters get spooked if someone unexpected comes into the home especially in the evening. Please list anyone that might come in while you are gone. 

Please fill out a travel form and leave on the counter. Include instructions on TV remote and TV instructions as well as WIFI password.
Form is accessible at this link:

Overnight visits start at 7 pm and end at 7 am (includes bedtime and morning visits). If you want a visit or two during the day, please select the appropriate visit. You can add notes to the request.