Billfish Release Report - online version

IGFA and Stuart Sailfish Club Rules

1.  This official report must be used in all cases.
2.  Reports must be delivered to the Stuart Sailfish Club within 10 days of the date of  Release.  (30 days for Charter Boat Members) The Stuart Sailfish Club assumes no responsibility for reports lost or delayed in the mail, email, internet or fax.
3.  In case of entries of exactly the same number of releases, the time and dates released will determine the winner.
4.  Any and all reports are accepted subject to check on the releaase by the the Committee, whose opinion shall be final and binding.
5.  Any entry caught in violation of state federal or other fishing laws is ineligible.  
6.  ELIGIBLE ANGLERS includes all current members EXCEPT (a) captains, mates or guides while working in the course of their employment or, (b) Commercial fishermen.  Junior anglers may not have reached their 16th birthday by July 1 of the current fishing year or they will be considered adults for the entire year.
7. The angler must fight and bring the fish to release in, in a sportsmanlike manner on rod and reel, unaided.  A rod broken as a result of hooking, fighting or landing a fish shall disqualify the catch.
8.  Boundaries:  Northern Boundary 27.50.00 North.  Southern boundary 27.46.00 North, within U.S. territorial waters and/or maximum of 35 miles from Florida coastline.
9.  ELIGIBLE FISH;    All billish caught from boats REGISTERED with the Stuart Sailfish Club as a member boat or member charter boat and/or by a SSC member at the time the fish is released.  Effective 1/1/07, if natural bait (dead or live) is used, only fish caught with a non-offset dircle hook are eligble   J hooks are allowed only onn a artificial lures
10. IGFA rules apply.
REVISED 1/17/11