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Power Brain for Children is a Brain Activation Program which will switch on individual super sensory and inner power to unleash the best version of the students. This Power Brain is a practice-based research program which has been certified by Harvard Graduate School of Education in unleashing Multiple Intelligence in all learners.

- 2 days workshop (Saturday & Sunday according to given date)
- 4 times revision class (Saturday 11am-1pm or any other session available by the schedule given)

This workshop is the entry level for most of our other program. It is a brain development process to awaken the inner genius of everyone. Once it has been done, the participants will be able to use their super sensory to receive information from surrounding and makes them more alert, more focus, enhance memory capabilities, increase thinking skill and speed, increase creativity and self confidence.

The Benefits of the Program is :
1) TO SHARPEN THE FOCUS by entering into the zone and eliminating the distraction through sensory enhancement and mastery.
2) TO STRENGTHEN MEMORY capacity and management, To enhance memory retrieval system and to strengthen memory retention.
3) TO SPARK THE SELF CONFIDENT within self and unleashing the hidden potential through
self-love, self-respect and leadership.
4) TO NURTURE CREATIVE quick and Critical Thinking out of the box in problems solving, creative thinking AND creating solution.
5) TO ENHANCE POWERFUL IMAGINATION which leads to better planning,innovation and
invention skills.
6) TO AWAKEN THE SENSITIVITY AND ALERTNESS OF ALL of SENSORY TO THE INFORMATION available in the surrounding and environment.
7) TO IMPROVE OBSERVATION skill by awaken the sensitivity and alertness of the sensory to the information available in the environment.
8) TO AMPLIFIED INTUITION by widen the perspective and information absorption to gain outrageous intuition for better decision making.

We use combination of 3 elements which are Brain Training, Audio Visual Brainwave Technology and Dzikir in Islamic Meditation to awaken the powerful mind. The revolutionary methodology with integration of the science in Islam had proven empowering the brain function by its fitrah.

After the workshop, the students will be able to read and do activities blindfolded. This is the Brain Training and the process of strengthen these amazing abilities. The blindfold is the tools to enhance the brain power and as long-term neurosensory rewiring process. It is a whole brain training involve ESP Training, Subconscious Mind Empowerment Training and Super abilities. The participants will get benefit in daily life whether it is in their academics, social and personal.

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