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Cabin Share Request

Please note:

Please fill out the below information if your child wants to share a cabin with a friend or relative. Please note that they cannot share with someone of a different gender, even if they are related. Cabins are allocated by grade and requests to share with a different graded child creates huge difficulties, so we do not allow any child to share a cabin with anyone more than two grades lower. You can only make a request to share a cabin with someone the same age, or younger. If your child wishes to share with an older child, then the older child must make the request. 

A new request must be made for each camp. You can make your first request here in this booking form, but thereafter please fill out and submit a separate cabin share form for your additional requests.

Requests received less than one week before the start of camp cannot be guaranteed. Requests will not be accepted after bookings close. Requests cannot be made for specific cabin counselors. Cabin shares will not be allocated until this form has been received.

Please read or explain the below conditions to your child and make sure that they understand and are happy to share with someone in a different grade.

We don't generally encourage requests for cabin shares with different grades as you may end up in a different section to the rest of your grade for activities. However, if it's really important we will try and accommodate you so long as:

  • Neither you, nor the person you are requesting, has requested, or been requested to share with anyone else. Example: If a Grade 8 requests a Grade 7, who requests another Grade 7, who requests a Grade 6, all grade movement requests will be ignored. Please check with the person who you are requesting; and

  • You are only making one cabin share request; and

  • You are requesting to share with someone in a younger grade than you (if your friend is older, s/he needs to make and sign the request); and

  • You (the camper) have personally signed this request. I have read and understand all the above and agree to move down to this lower grade even if this means I am in a different section to the rest of my grade.

We've made other resources available on our website, which you may need. You can download all our forms, packing list, directions to Sugar Bay and directions to the bus stop in Sandton. Click here to view all downloadable resources.