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General Definition

Responsible for various types of weld preparation, welding and weld finishing to manufacture product to customer drawings, specifications, or other forms of instruction. 

Essential Duties
• Proficient in assigned welding techniques

• Interpretation of mechanical drawings, including weld requirement symbology
• Knowledge of wire and filler materials applications for various steel alloys, aluminum and some exotic materials
• Working knowledge of fixturing and weld set up parameters (amps, volts, etc.)
• Conventional and precision measuring instruments
• Process inspection, certification and documentation
• Welding equipment maintenance
• Finish grinding applications using manual and power tools
• Safety and Housekeeping

Non- Essential Duties

• Perform other related duties as required
• Make modifications to molds (i.e. add or remove screening, etc.) as directed.
• Build and/or remodel equipment (i.e. carts, racks, etc.) as required for all departments.
• Perform and assist with other related work as required. (i.e. machine maintenance, physical plant maintenance, etc.).
• There may be times when a temporary work assignment is required to meet the requirements of the department.  Work assignments will be made at the discretion of Management.

Required Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Knowledge in the safe operation of welding equipment, welding procedures and techniques and simple hand tools (i. e. hammers, drill, etc.) is required.  Must be able to weld various types of materials (i. e. aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.) with MIG, TIG or stick welding equipment in addition to using an oxy-acetylene torch and plasma cutter.  Able to read and work from blueprints and follow detailed and specific instructions.  A high school diploma or GED equivalent with at least 2 years of manufacturing welding experience is required.  This position requires an above average degree of manual skills (i. e. using hand tools, welding, burning, grinding etc.) as well as a moderate degree of physical effort.  This position occasionally lifts or moves material weighing 10 lbs; a hoist or crane is used to move material weighing more. 

Working Conditions

Fair to somewhat undesirable working conditions.  May be exposed to heat, noise, fumes and other elements to the point of being undesirable.


This position reports to the Plant Manager.


Snyder Industries, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer and, therefore, does not discriminate because of race, religion, gender, disability, national origin, age, veteran status, marital status or any other status protected by law.


Thank you for your interest in working for us. Please fill out the online form. Employment decisions are made based on your responses to the following questions. Be sure to include paid and non-paid experiences you feel help qualify you for consideration of employment.

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