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Summer Camp Staff Applications

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Thank you for your continued interest in a Stage Right Summer Camp Staff Position!

Please visit this link for position descriptions, salaries, volunteer designations and application requirements.
You may save this application and resume before sending - however all applications are due Feb. 15th at 11:59p.

This form is ONLY for returning staff applications who have been with us for 2016 or 2017 summer camps. 

IMPORTANT STAFFING NOTES: No positions for summer camps include housing stipends nor transportation assistance. This is mainly designed for local KC professionals and students.

Please list any overall experience you have in theater – either as a performer and/or as a technical crew member. Include any previous Stage Right experience here, as well. We’d also love to know what unique skills you have that may set you apart! If you have a resume, please feel free to attach it – but if you don’t, this will tell us what we need to know. 

As you progress through this application, under each position you're applying for, please designate what show you are applying for. You MAY apply for more than one show for the same position, but remember that for designer and director roles, we will need an artistic vision/portfolio for each show (see below). 

**NEW FOR 2018 - DIRECTORS** ALL Director applicants MUST submit a 1 page (or equivalent - ie: power point presentation) of your artistic vision for the show, overall message you want the kids to take home from participation and how you plan to engage the kids with this message. ALSO, please understand double casting decisions are 100% at the discretion of the Creative Director. Most major roles in our shows are double cast and we will continue this going forward. Please do not apply for director if you are not willing to work with a double cast production.

Do NOT check a show for a position you are NOT interested in. If you check a position, give it about 2 seconds to see if a supporting question loads (for example, under the Director position, a question regarding artistic vision will appear if you select that position).

DESIGNER APPLICANTS - please submit samples or a portfolio of past work. We'd love to see what you've created in the past!

Education Levels:
High School+ = Any student in high school or high school graduate
College (in-progress)+ = Any student attending college (as of June 2018)
College Graduate+ = Any professional who has graduated as of June 2018

The following positions are already filled for the 2018 Summer Camps:
Musical Director - Urinetown, Sound of Music
Asst. to the Creative Director - ALL
Lead Camp Wrangler - Willy Wonka Jr.
Program Manager - ALL
Costume Designers - ALL
Choreographer - Sound of Music

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