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The so-called ‘Great Sioux War of 1876’ remains the most famous ‘Indian war,’ but many of its sites are remote, or known only to a handful of historians and descendants of the participants. On this incredible journey you have a rare opportunity to experience many of these sites, and to literally follow the trails of Crook, Crazy Horse, Custer and Sitting Bull to the Rosebud, the Little Bighorn, and beyond.  The mountains, plains, and endless skies of North and South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska add to the lure that is embodied by those associated with the Centennial Campaign, the likes of Medicine Crow, Low Dog, Crow King, William F. ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody, Gall, Lame White Man, Buffalo Calf Trail Woman, Reno and Benteen, White-Man-Runs-Him, Two Moons, Ranald S. Mackenzie . . . the Lakota and Cheyenne . . . regiments of US Cavalry and Infantry aided by the Crow, Shoshoni and Pawnee.