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The Gathering of Nations Trail leads us deep into Native America to appreciate the diverse cultures and landscapes of Southwestern tribal nations, including the Navajo (Dineh), the Pueblo peoples and their ancestors - the Anasazi/Ancient Puebloans. Experience the transition, yet continuation, of Indian art from ancient petroglyphs to contemporary Native Art Galleries, and become a fleeting part of that circle that is living history as we weave through the awe inspiring beauty of the Navajo Nation on this Southwestern odyssey. At Window Rock, capital of the Navajo Nation, we hear the Dine perspective and worldview in discussion with traditional Dine spokespeople. We discover the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ – Monument Valley - with Navajo guides, and journey through the Canyon de Chelly on horseback or jeep before spending time in the enchanting old towns of Taos and Santa Fe, before returning to Albuquerque for the experience of a lifetime. You’ll never forget the moment you when you first saw the People dance - or felt the heartbeat of all Indian Nations – the drum . . . you'll never forget attending the biggest Powwow in Indian Country! We spend two days mingling with tribal members of Indian Nations who gather for this celebration from the four directions, marveling at the spectacular color and beauty of the Gathering of Nations Powwow and outstanding 'Indian Market' art fair and exhibit.