Young Maker Registration Form

Young makers spaces are for kids and youth who would like a space at the Little Owl Kids Fair on November 24 with setup starting at 8am doors open 10am-4pm at the Fernwood NRG Centre 1240 Gladstone Ave Victoria.  Spaces are half of a 6x2.5 foot table. All products must be constructed and designed by the vendor and appropriate for a market geared towards kids and youth. There is no fee to participate but it is required that 10% of vendor proceeds be donated to a charity of your choosing. Parent supervision of anyone under the age of 13 is required. All youth must attend with permission of a parent/guardian. Little Owl organizers are on hand to check in with young makers and assist them if needed through the day but are not legally responsible for their welfare at all times this responsibility remains with the parent/guardian.

IMPORTANT: Please let your child know that there are many kids who apply and acceptance is based on product and first to apply. We wish we could make room for everyone who applies, but there isn't always room. Vendors will be notified by email once applications close and selections are made.