WC - Plant Production Engineer

General Definition:

Under general direction as to scope of duties and objectives to be accomplished, perform engineering work concerned with new or improved plant operation equipment & processes.  Recommend methods for improving production performance where applicable.  Make recommendations for improving product quality to specifications.  Establish work methods and labor standards designed to improve the overall efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness of operations.

Essential Duties:

  • Implement objectives of assigned projects through application of engineering principles.  To include standard, complex and specialized methods and techniques.  Develop new methods and techniques as applicable.
  • Investigate and make recommendations for approving deviations of manufacturing parts that do not meet specifications or standards Determine operations/processes responsible for deviations.  Determine whether the process, tooling, fixture, machines, or employees are at fault.  Recommend corrective action & repair programs for salvaging rejected components.
  • Initiate work orders necessary to repair or replace old, worn, or damaged tooling, fixtures or equipment.
  • Request changes in production tolerances and/or processes where such changes will simplify operations, reduce costs, or improve quality.
  • Establish schedules & cost estimates of assigned projects.  Provide information concerning the effect of programs on change, repair or scheduling.
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with all levels of operational and administrative management to include SII Lincoln personnel in order to exchange, interpret and supply information of mutual interest.
  • Insure new and/or changed products are ready for production as far as tooling, fixtures, work methods, job instructions, material flow/handling, purchased materials, and production standards are concerned.
  • Develop quotes on prospective products and work in conjunction with Sales to obtain new accounts.
  • Design new and/or modify existing molds, tools, fittings and/or equipment to increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.
  • Prepare job instruction sheets in concert with production supervision and assist in training new employees and existing employees on new product/processes.
  • Identify and recommend systems and procedures for monitoring operations activity and progress to plan for direct labor operations.  Conduct time studies and work sampling studies as appropriate.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Knowledge of Industrial Engineering, time Study & Engineered standards are desirable.  Must be able to maintain accurate and legible records, communicate effectively both orally and in writing, work well with others and be detailed and analytically oriented.  A B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering with 5 years experience in a manufacturing environment is required.  A hands-on approach to solving product manufacturing-oriented problems is strongly preferred.


This position interfaces directly with operations supervision/management as well as other components of the company in the execution and implementation of duties and responsibility.  This position reports to the Plant Manager of the facility and also interacts with the Director of Operations for Illinois and the Vice President of Operations.

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