Preferred Agent - Onseller Registration Form. 

To register as a preferred agent onseller of The Cocktail Queen, simply complete the registration form below.   

This registration form enables us to complete a customised booking form for you everytime you book staff, cocktail package or a champagne tower on behalf of your client.   The more we know about bump in times, table requirements, pouring staff requirements etc we can simplify the booking process for the you and ultimately the client, minimising time spent going 'back and forth' with you and the venue.  Completing this form as a preferred Agent also allows you to recieve 10% total discount on all specific retail and quoted pricing. This discounted price is only applicable to you as an agent and is not for onselling to the customer.
Here's how it works....
As a preferred agent of The Cocktail Queen;
You are provided with a retail quote from The Cocktail Queen (ie $250) and a discounted quote (ie $200)being your agent quote.
You go back to your client and provide them with the retail quote ($250).
Your client books with you (not us) for the retail quote you provided. 
You complete the Cocktail Queen online booking form that is pertinent for your venue/business that we create for you.  And you dont have to pay a deposit.  
We send you an invoice detailing only the discounted quote ($200).
When you receive the money from your client for the retail quote ($250) then you pay us the discounted quote ($200).  The difference ($50) is yours to keep and viewed as your commission for onselling Cocktail Queen services.

Please note that the client is not to book directly with us and cannot recieve the discount if they book directly with us.  

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The Cocktail Queen ® Preferred Agent 

As a preferred agent of The Cocktail Queen we will provide you with a 10% discount on all retail quoted pricing for all champagne towers, Senior Mixologists and Master Mixologists, Premium and Essential Cocktail Packages and Full Beverage packages you onsell and book directly with us.  
This discount is applicable also to travel charges and glassware hire also.

Please note this is ONLY AVAILABLE to preferred agents/event coordinators and only if you are booking it directly - NOT THE CLIENT.

When booking a services as a preferred agent/event coordinator please note that you will be required for every booking to complete a "customised" booking form exclusive to you only.  This form ensures we know where to go for the event, and all details.

As a preferred agent/event coordinator, no deposit is required when you complete the booking form, we do however require final payment in full no less then 2 weeks prior to the event.  You will be invoiced accordingly at time of booking, which will detail your discount.

All monetary discounts will remain confidential between the preferred agent/event coordinator and The Cocktail Queen. 



As with all towers there are some glasses that always go astray .  We only charge you for missing glasses once there are 4 or more missing.  It is assumed there will always be 1,2 or 3 that cant be located, broken or misplaced of which we will cover the cost. 
If you find them after we leave, simply leave them in a secure spot and we will pickup next time. 

As a preferred agent of The Cocktail Queen once registered you will recieve a welcome pack detailing all you need to know about onselling the towers to your clients. 

The terms of this preferred agent registration is applicable for a one year period from date of acceptance.