Production Supervisor - B
2nd Shift

General Definition: Responsible for the overall supervision, direction, and coordination of all plant activities on assigned shift with respect to production, quality, material flow, and maintenance.  In cooperation with the Plant Manager make recommendations as to hiring, training, re-assignment of plant personnel. Reviews and prepares reports to keep Management informed of production activities.

Essential Duties: 
Maintain a high visual profile in Rotational Molding Department and Assembly, make frequent personal spot checks to observe departmental activities and supervise solutions to all problems in production.
- Determine if work schedules are being met, supervise necessary adjustments or repairs to resume and maintain production standards and meet all cycle times without sacrificing production quality.

- Insure correct pigments and powders are in mixers and are being used for parts produced.
- Be aware of and assist in all adjustments to Rotational Molding machines and consult with Plant Manager on any potential machine adjustments.
- Cooperate and communicate with Quality Control department to maintain standards of quality.
- Manage production so as to optimize machine efficiency and minimize rejections.
- Insure safe working conditions for all employees and that the plant is clean and ready for the next shift to start without delay.
- Supervise, evaluate and insure all department personnel are aware of and comply with Company policies and standards.
- Recommend, cooperate and assist in the implementation of training and development programs, maintain discipline within Company standards and implement prescribed disciplinary action.
- Prepare operational reports when required.
- Maintain check on inventory of materials and supplies used in production and report shortages.

Non-Essential Duties:
- Comply with company EEO Guidelines

- Assist in preparing graphs and/or charts on efficiency and quality of Rotational Molding Department.
- There may be times when a temporary work assignment is required to meet the requirements of the department. Work assignments will be made at the discretion of Management.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Must possess the mental capacity to engage in various simultaneous functions requiring direct participation or supervision. Must at all times possess the mental maturity and temperamental ability to maintain sound employee relations. Previous operations management experience in a manufacturing environment is preferred but not required. Prior supervisory experience of 1-2 years and a minimum of 2 years of college are required. A B.S. in Business, Engineering or Operations or progression leading to a BS degree is recommended. Bilingual in Spanish is highly desired.

This position reports to the Plant Manager and is considered the senior plant management representative on the assigned evening or night shift. This position may directly or indirectly supervise 15 Production Operator personnel.


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