Design Engineer - Lincoln, NE

General Definition
Prepare engineering drawings, quotes, designs, specifications and instructions for the fabrication of company products to meet specifications of the customer or internal company specifications. The engineer will have responsibilities in the IBC division. Primary responsibilities will be metal IBC and material handling products but will assist with other product lines as need arises.

Essential Duties
• Develop and prepare detailed drawings and specifications on proprietary and custom engineered products.
• Design new products to meet customer or internal company specifications.
• Make changes to existing drawings and specifications as required.
• Research and formulate responses to inquiries from other departments.
• Work with Sales Department on requests for product information, engineering, and quotes.
• Coordinate with other departments (i.e. Production, Q.A., Sales, etc.) on special projects as required.
• Attend and contribute to weekly meetings or meetings as required.
• Create and maintain various records, reports, and other related documents.

Non-Essential Duties
• Design and/or prove trim or inspection fixtures.
• Complete and/or oversee testing on various products as required.
• Conduct and oversee experimental runs on new design test parts.
• Develop and implement more efficient production equipment and practices.
• Supply customers with drawings on basic dimensions and locations for fittings.
• Perform other related duties as required.
• There may be times when a temporary work assignment is required to meet the requirements of the department. Work assignments will be made at the discretion of the Engineering Manager.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Knowledge of drafting (processes, equipment, theories, etc.), basic engineering and design theories and techniques, structural design and strength of materials is required. Must be able to understand and prepare clean engineering drawings, specifications and instructions, be able to communicate effectively both orally and/or written instructions, prioritize projects running simultaneously and work well with others. A Bachelor's degree in Engineering is required (Mechanical or Agricultural is preferred). 2 to 3 years of related work experience is desired.

This position reports to the Engineering Manager.


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