Stockroom Tech
2nd Shift

General Definition: Under general supervision, receives, stores, and issues raw materials, supplies and equipment used for production. Maintains an accurate record of current inventory to ensure efficient production of quality plastic products. (i.e. tanks and other times, either proprietary or customer owned).

Essential Duties: 
- Receive and store all inbound material shipments, checking against Purchase Orders to ensure correct items have been received and in the ordered quantity
- Ensure all materials within the Stockroom have correct MSDS labeling, and that issued pigments have proper labeling stating cadmium and/or lead as needed.
- Issue stockroom-held inventory items to various production areas ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed for each issuance, and ensuring issues have been properly entered into the computer system.
- Compile and maintain supplies of warranty packages for production use as dictated by manufacturing orders, and receive/issue same on computer.
- Process and distribute raw materials and supplies throughout company (i.e. weighing pigment, delivering supplies, etc.)
- Notify Supervisor and Purchasing Department when supplies need to be reordered or are running low.

Non-Essential Duties:
- Maintain stockroom supplies, requisition material when needed, and maintain inventory levels.
- Assist Supervisor (Inventory Control Specialist) in assembling accessories for Industrial orders to include fittings, U-vents, sight gauges, and tie-down assemblies. Enter these part numbers into the computer system. Notify Purchasing Dept. when shortages prevent such assemblies from making a deadline. Question the accuracy of Bills of Material with either Engineering or Sales if the bill of material seem incorrect.
- Assist supervisor (Inventory Control Specialist) is assembling products made in house, such as fittings, siphon tube assemblies, bolt packages, etc. Also assist in weighing pigments for powders and assembling warranty packages. These assemblies must then be entered into the computer
- Temporary work assignment may be assigned to meet the requirements of the Department, and will be assigned at the discretion of Management.
- The stockroom worker will have the knowledge and experience to perform all of the non-essential duties in the absence of the supervisor.

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