Queens  Hens Party Booking Form

Terms and Conditions – Queens Event Space and Cocktail Bar

In order to ensure the success of your function we ask you that you read the following terms and conditions carefully and click on the 'I agree' button.  Payment of your deposit signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Quotations - Quotes are based on the original email you were sent at time of enquiry or the completed booking form (if no email enquiry is received).  All prices are as per website and current and valid.  We don't hold dates as we are in extremely high demand. A minimum non-refundable deposit of $250.00 (unless otherwise specified) is required at the time of written confirmation.  This can only be paid via direct deposit or via credit card. Payment of deposit signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.  Once the deposit has been received the booking is confirmed and a confirmation email and pro-forma invoice is sent.  Final payment is due 14 days prior to event unless otherwise arranged.  Cheques are not accepted.  A $3.90 credit card charge for all payments made by credit card every-time your card is charged. Once the deposit has been received the booking is confirmed and a confirmation email will be sent. Payment of deposit signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions.

Bonds - we don't hold cash bonds.   By signing this terms and conditions the client agrees to and understands that their credit card will be charged post party should any breakages to any Queens furniture or equipment occur by the client or his/her guests during the event. 

Function Detail Confirmation - To ensure that we cater appropriately for correct numbers, menus and requirements, and beverage arrangements, must be discussed with the function coordinator no less than 21 days prior to the function start date.  Final numbers must be confirmed via email or phone call to Queens no less than 14 days for the party unless otherwise indicated. The final balance is based on the final guaranteed quoted numbers.  Should numbers fall below the advertised minimum then the price increases and at time of final payment your invoice will be adjusted accordingly to compensate for the shortfall. Should guests that have paid on the night not turn up, monies for these non-attendees will not be refunded.  Refunds are not given for any withdrawal of guests prior to the event date, once final payment has been made.   Late attendees are accepted in certain circumstances; however, Queens must be notified no less than 72 hours to the function.  Payment arrangements for the late attendees must be made upon consultation with The Cocktail Queen at time of notification.  Any late attendees arriving at the event and payment has not been received, the result will be loss of bond, or charge to credit card.    For Minors attending any functions they must be under supervison of an adult and are classed as one person on premise and therefore required to be full fee paying as we are only licenced for 50 guests.

Cancellation Policy - we strictly adhere to this policy. No exceptions. 

  • If you cancel your booking greater than 28 days (or on the 28th day) prior to the event, your event will be refunded LESS a $250 non-refundable deposit no exceptions.  We refund within 28 days of cancellation directly into your bank account.  All cancellations must be in writing via email.
  • If you cancel your booking less than 27 days (including on the 27th day) prior to the event, then no monies will be refunded - no exceptions. We as all venues  still have overheads, bills, permanent staff wages etc to pay and when you cancel your event these bills still exist and have to be paid, and by cancelling your tower/event we could have booked it with someone else.  When you pay your deposit/payment this signifies that you agree to our operational policies (including the cancellation policy) and the booking form terms and conditions. 
  • During pandemic lockdown at any given time where Cocktail Queen is inoperable due to lockdown measures, please note cancellations are allowed however monies are not refunded until 48 days post lockdown release for our industry.  Should you wish to cancel during a pandemic we still retain a $250 deposit which is non-refundable. You can reschedule your event at any time for any date.

Function Duration - The customer agrees to begin the function and end the function at the scheduled times agreed upon as per the booking form.  Arrival of guests earlier does not mean service will begin early.  Service will not begin until the designated pre-agreed time.  Service will end at the pre-agreed time with last drinks being called 15 minutes prior to end of function (last drinks is the final serving of cocktails/beverages for the event). Guests MUST depart within 30-45 minutes at the latest at the end of the event.

Menu Packages and Requirements - Menu and package prices are subject to change without notice.  Queens may at sometimes have to replace or substitute in part a selected menu without prior notification. Please note if you fail to return your menu selections for cocktails or food prior to 3 weeks pre-event - menus will be automatically allocated. 

Service Times - Queens only provides service every day of the year excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday.  Should you require an extension of service time, then a service charge will apply.  Surcharges apply for New Years Eve, New Years Day and Christmas Eve events.  Surcharges apply for public holidays.

Objectionable Persons and Responsible Service of Alcohol - Queens does not tolerate abusive, bad manners, rudeness or intolerance to staff prior to or at any events whatsoever.  We definitely don't tolerate Bridezillas or Bridesmaidzillas, nor clients that refer to us as "the help".  We also don't tolerate consummation of drugs on premises of any kind. At Queens it is our first and foremost priority to ensure the safety of our staff.  Whilst our staff are hired by you to provide a specialist service, it doesn't give any client the right to micro-manage, demean or verbally abuse our staff.  We only encourage smiles, laughing, good manners and politeness at all times. Should our staff be subject to any of the above including being exposed to drug use on premises they will be at liberty to cease service and ask you and all your geusts to exit the premises immediately. Please note that CCTV cameras are in use at all times within the venue.  Should this occur we are not responsible for your guests who are doing the right thing for not getting the full service provided.  No refunds will be permitted at all should this occur. Queens staff enforces RSA at all times and reserve the right to refuse to serve any person who is drinking to fast, drunk, disorderly, on drugs or objectionable or unreasonable.  It is the utmost responsibility of the client to ensure that their guests conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times. We don't serve alcohol to minors.  Mocktails are provided. 

Liabilities and Damages - Clients and their guests/attendees or any other persons attending the function are financially responsible for any damage sustained in any part to the premises. Queens assumes no responsibility or liability for any damages, injury or harm caused during the function by to the host or their guests attending the function, or through use of the Cocktail Queen equipment, or consummation of beverages or food supplied by Queens. Queens will not accept responsibility for damage, or loss of merchandise left with them by client’s invitees before, during or after the function.  Customers should arrange their own security or insurance.  Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for any accident, loss or injury by any person or persons within a clients home or venue, during or after the function including outside contractors.  The client indemnifies’ ‘Queens from and against all costs, claims, expenses and losses suffered or incurred by the client, friends and associates of the client. Public policy indemnity insurance is in place.  We suggest for you to organize to take out our own insurance for your invitees if you wish. 

Pricing  - Current prices are valid upon confirmation, but are subject to change without notification, to cover unforeseen variations in cost.   All prices are inclusive of GST.  

Pre-Event Setup and Post Packdown - All events are allocated a 1 hour bump in setup time (sometimes more depending on what we have booked in).  You are welcoming to bring in additional items such as balloons, florals, cake during this time frame - unless otherwise organised with the venue coordinator prior for another time. Guests are required to depart within 30 minutes of end of party. Queens cannot take responsiblity for any items left on premise after event.  Smoke machines, confetti, rice, rose petals, glitter are not permitted within any location of the venue.  Additional bump in times and pickup times after event may be able to be arranged upon request with the venue coordinator. Decorations not removed by client will incur an additional $100 rubbish fee.

Our venue does not allow amplified music or live/DJ music.  As per our permit use we are only able to play background music.  Your playlist can be sent to us prior to plug into our system. Otherwise we have select music for these events already pre-programmed.  

COVID-SAFE - following only required when government directs it...
All guests are required to check in and show their vaccination status upon arrival and engage in all appropriate hygiene actions when required.  Failure to not check in or show a double vaxxed status will result in non-admittance to the guest to the venue.  Should additional safety measures be required due to change in laws, Queens will enact appropriately.

Smoking - Smoking is not permitted within any section of the venue including the rear courtyard "backyard".  No smoking is permitted either at the front of the building or adjacent lawn as this is also classed as our restaurant space.  If your guests need to smoke they will need to move 10 metres down the road to smoke.