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Pittsburgh Fellows Class of 2023 Application

0% Application Overview

The Pittsburgh Fellows Application is a four-part application.

Before beginning, it is recommended that you review the application requirements, which are outlined upon opening the application.  It is also recommended that you complete the short-answer questions in a saved Word document and then copy into the application.  The short answer questions can be found below.  You will be asked to provide the names and contact information for three references.  These references should not be family members or peers.

After completing the application, you will receive a confirmation email and will then be contacted by the Pittsburgh Fellows Program Director within two weeks.

Applications are now being accepted.  Your application must be submitted by December 1, 2021 for Early Decision I or February 15, 2022 for Early Decision II.  If spaces remain available after February 15, they will be filled on a rolling admissions basis.  

1. Contact & Collegiate Information

This part asks for basic contact information and academic information such as college and GPA.

2. Short Answer Questions

There are 8 required short answer questions. Keep answers concise; fewer than 250 words.

  1. How did you hear about the Pittsburgh Fellows Program and why do you want to be a Fellow?
  2. Briefly describe your spiritual journey, how you came to faith in Jesus, and the highlights of your growth.  Please be sure to include any major turning points in your life and walk with the Lord.
  3. What are your career goals in the next 3-5 years?  In which area(s) of business are you most interested?
  4. Describe a specific leadership role you held and what you learned from that experience.  In doing so, recount a challenge you faced as a leader and how you handled it.  How would you describe your leadership style?
  5. Give a recent example from your life where you made an important decision and how you went about making that decision.
  6. Evaluate a significant challenge, risk or ethical dilemma you faced and its impact on you.  Walk through how you handled the event.
  7. Describe a significant achievement and why this accomplishment means so much to you.
  8. Have you ever been convicted of anything more serious than a traffic violation?  If so, describe.  


3. References & Uploads

  • Please give the name and contact information for three references (Professor/academic reference, pastor/spiritual reference, current/recent employer/supervisor).  Additionally, please forward each of your references the appropriate link to the Reference Form, which can be found on the Application page on our website.  We recommend that you contact your references and forward them this link as soon as you decide to apply.
    • References should not be parents, relatives, or peers.
  • Please upload the following items:
  1. Resume/CV (This should include education history (including any honors or awards), as well as work and volunteer experience)
  2. A photo of the applicant in a .jpg format with a resolution of at least 300.
  3. Unofficial transcript (The uploading section has contact information if there is no electronic copy)

4. Confirmation

This part will verify that all the information given is true and correct.

Words left: 250/250
Words left: 250/250
Words left: 250/250
Words left: 250/250
Words left: 250/250
Words left: 250/250

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